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Sweet Evil is a chaotic, inexplicable mess

Sweet Evil is a chaotic, inexplicable mess

☆☆☆☆☆ (0 stars)

Ooowee!!! You have to imagine me making that sound as I think about this. I just finished this book, and this is all coming in hot. There’s a lot to say about this- the increasingly and incredibly Christian themes, the insane hypocritical nature of the horniness in this story, the sexism, the premise, whatever Kopano was, Kaiden’s participation in crimes against humanity….

Oh yeah. You thought this was a generic para-ro about a good girl falling for a bad boy and they’re both half-fallen-angels? You’re right! And then the next 60% of the book happen, because pacing and story structure is off the rails here. There ARE no rails on the coaster of Sweet Evil.

Let me be your conductor.

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