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There’s plenty of pluses about MINUS

There’s plenty of pluses about MINUS


(5 stars)

I received a free ARC for my review.

A fascinating, compelling story about family and self.

A 17 year old girl off to college is abandoned by her father at a gas station in the midst of a shooting. She’s afraid of strangers, of trusting people, of even freedom… but now she has to try and find help. And her father. And understand what is going on, and what connection she has to the violence.

This is a quick, contained read that makes you think. It’s messy and tangled at its core- there aren’t any ‘big reveals’ (the core one is hinted at early on and easy to guess), but it is still a suspenseful story seeing how these tics and secrets come into play. It ends on a clean note, but one that doesn’t betray the emotional ambiguity.

Obviously, like any good graphic novel, it also caused me to cry for the last ten pages or so. Absolutely worth a read.