Review Policy

You’re free to provide me with ebooks, books, or even just recommendations. I prefer ebooks to physical copies. While many of my reviews carry a strong opinion, they are my honest opinions, and I do strive to backup all my points with relevant arguments. Even if someone bribed me 10k, I wouldn’t give them a better review.

I will read most genre fiction. I am especially keen to read and write about indie, underexposed, and self published authors, and will prioritize them over others.

Top genres:

  • Young Adult Genre fiction
  • Dystopia
  • Supernatural, especially angels
  • Sci-fi set in a futuristic world
  • Low fantasy (as in, not high fantasy)
  • Urban fantasy
  • Lgbt+, extending up to any of the above
  • I do not generally enjoy contemporary/historical/non-genre fiction. There are exceptions. Gimmicky stuff about the internet age? I’m in.

Timeliness: if you have a deadline in mind (such as release day), let me know as soon as possible. I can be a sluggish reader at times, but when pressed can get through a book in a day. For books suggested to me from authors, I will aim to complete them as soon as possible.

For book recs: I love a bad book, so please send any you know my way.

I am also available for beta-reading/feedback on your fiction. Just in case anyone is wondering.