LGBT+ Books

All the LGBT+/diverse reads I’ve done. I count them as so if there’s any notable LGBT rep, more than an off mention of a side character.


27 Hours, Tristina Wright

☆☆☆☆☆- 0 stars

Rep: Bi, ace, aro (?), deaf, pan, gay, trans

A badly written mess with poor world-building, writing, dialogue, and everything- and that’s ignoring the sexual assault scandal around the author.


☆☆☆☆☆- 0 stars

Song of the Night, Zoe Burgess

Rep: Gay

Offensively bad in every way. Even the gay ‘romance’ at the heart is a creepy, gross mess with reductive ideas of gender and sexuality, plus poor world-building, writing, and… everything.


Chameleon Moon, RoAna Sylver

☆☆☆☆☆- .5 stars

Rep: bi, ace, gay, deaf, autistic, aro, trans, poly, lesbian, non-binary

Too many characters (and lackluster ones at that) spoil the broth, not to mention the repetitive, non-stop emotional consoling scenes and dialogue.


Beauty Queens, Libba Bray

★☆☆☆☆- 1 star

Rep: deaf, lesbian, bi

A too-cheesy, exposition heavy, unfunny little romp where the emotional beats are told, not seen.


EvenFall, Gaja J Kos & Boris Kos

★★☆☆☆- 2 stars

Rep: Lesbian, bi

A story trying to break cliches, but falling deep into them, with a touch of boring tropes thrown in. The rep is a side character and her ex girlfriend.


A Hero at the end of the World, Erin Claiborne

★★☆☆☆- 2 stars

Rep: Gay

A story based on fanfiction that resembles it too much, with characters and story reliant on your foreknowledge of Harry Potter.


Otherbound, Corinne Duyvis

★★☆☆☆- 2 stars

Rep: Bi, mute, physically disabled

A fairly unenjoyable read with an unhealthy w/w romance and character dynamics


Beacon, Apollo Blake

★★★☆☆- three stars

Rep: Bi, ace (?)

An extremely short, episodic collection that has fun, but is quick to fall apart in terms of overall plot.




Valhalla Trilogy, Ari Bach

(Book 2) (Book 3)

★★★☆☆- 3.5 stars ish overall

Rep: lesbian, nonbinary

An exciting, original sci-fi saga full of awesome ideas. Falls apart slightly as the trilogy continues, but starts very strong. Main character is lesbian, viewpoint includes another lesbian and a nonbinary character in book three.


The Darkest Part of the Forest, Holly Black

★★★☆☆- 3.5 stars

Rep: Gay

A pretty together and interesting story about the fae. The gay relationship is not from the viewpoint and isn’t really developed, and there’s a plenty of boring high school parts that take away from the interesting aspects.


Ice Massacre, Tiana Warner

★★★☆☆- 3.5 stars

Rep: Lesbian

A cute, engaging lesbian romance, a high seas adventure. Held back by a few uninteresting portions, flat side characters, and world-building.


Dusk in Kalevia

★★★☆☆- 3.5 stars

Rep: Gay

A proper soviet spy story, but also about angels. The gay romance is not that engaging, but the characters and story line are compelling.



The Black Witch series, Laurie Forest

(Book 2)

★★★★☆- 4 stars

Rep: Lesbian, bi, gay

Though it takes place in a very divided world which includes heavy racism and homophobia, the book is about fighting prejudice and understanding others. A lush fantasy with fantastic characters. Main character’s brother is gay, book two introduces a few explicitly lesbian/bi characters.


Modern Faerie Tales, Holly Black

(Book 2)

★★★★☆- 4 stars

Rep: Gay secondary character and occasional viewpoint.

Occasionally too edgy but a good exploration of a lot of faerie mythos and ideas. The gay character is a bit weird but gets a happy ending with a nice boyfriend and we see his point of view and character a lot more in book two.




The Cruel Prince series, Holly Black

(Book 2)

★★★★☆- 4.5 stars

Rep: Bi

A fantastic world and story, though the ‘love interest’ for the straight main character, Carden, is absolutely reprehensible. The main character’s sister is bi and her and her girlfriend get plenty of time, and are the best characters. It is also pretty much implied the fae are mostly bi, including Carden



Archangel Protocol series, Lyda Morehouse

(Book 2) (Book 3) (Book 4)

★★★★☆- 4.5 stars

Rep: bi, trans, non-binary

A fantastic gem of a cyberpunk, slightly noir, religious future of magic and technology. I have a large bias of love for these books. In the exploration of faith and especially universal unitarianism, gender and sexuality of angels is actually discussed, besides the main character having explicitly bi, gay, and trans characters.


Only Ever Yours, Louise O’Neill

★★★★★- 5 stars

Rep: lesbian

A brutal, wonderful dystopia. Not a happy lesbian story, but a fantastic exploration of race, gender, sexuality, and being a girl in an extreme dystopia, and social norms.