Indie Books

Indie books are hidden gems. Sometimes. I like to support them!

I define indie as ‘books from small presses/independent authors’, mixed with a little ‘obscure and undiscovered books not generally sold in stores (but perhaps once were)’.


Tridea’s Children, Kevin Peake

☆☆☆☆☆- 0

Self-published, then published via author’s own small press

The worst thing I’ve ever read. Torturous and painful, with an incredible lack of understand of grammar and basic writing skill for a grown man.


Song of the Night. Zoe Burgess

☆☆☆☆☆- 0

Self Published

A regressive, badly written book that reads like some dredged up fanfiction for a manga you’ve never read.



27 Hours, Tristina Wright

☆☆☆☆☆- 0

Small press, now out of print due to author controversy

A messy, too-long, too-sloppy sci-fi tale about a group of six diverse teens who have to learn Aliens Are People Too… taken out of print because of sexual assault charges against the author.


A Soul to Take, Emily Taylor

☆☆☆☆☆- 0

Small press

A fat book in need of a giant edit- I’m talking at least 30,000 words. Despite being, in theory, professionally edited, there’s a lot of problems in the text which make it a slow and boring read.


Chameleon Moon, RoAna Sylver

☆☆☆☆☆- .5

Self published/author collective

Diverse and well meaning but rather uneven, with a too heavy focus on introducing ‘cool characters and concepts’ over developing them or the world about them (or having an engaging plot).


The Book of Angels, A J Dalton (and others)

★☆☆☆☆- 1.5

Small press

Short story collection with some good stories, unfortunately dominated by the headlining (and weakest writer of the bunch) author.


Evenfall, Gaja J. Kos and Boris Kos

★★☆☆☆- 2

Self published

A fairly typical YA novel that is mediocre, with both some new ideas befitting of an indie project- and genre-typical things we’ve seen a thousand times before.


A Hero at the End of the World, Erin Claiborne

★★☆☆☆- 2

Small press

A fanfiction inspired, and ultimately too based, novel. Hindered by the obvious harry potter ties and a lack of engaging characters due to it.


Beacon, Apollo Blake

★★★☆☆- 3

Self published

Short story collection focused on the same character, with promise… but jarred by lack of worldbuilding context, and a very sudden tonal shift at the end. The fact there’s only four stories makes the episodic nature of the novella feel a little odd and unbalanced, too.


They Who Fell trilogy, Kevin Kneupper

(book 2, book 3)

★★★☆☆- 3

Self published

Pulpy and kinda cheesy, but engaging and quite fun overall. Some cool concepts and good action marred by very very flat characters and an increasingly overpowering christian message.


Dusk in Kalevia, Emily Compton

★★★☆☆- 3.5

Small press

Professional and well structured, though at times slightly dense and uninteresting. Still, a very composed and overall enjoyable novel with a unique premise you wouldn’t find in the mainstream market.


Ice Massacre, Tiana Warner

★★★☆☆- 3.5

Self published

Hearty, action packed, and with an enjoyable romance. High quality writing/editing with only a few nits to pick.


Valhalla Trilogy, Ari Bach

(book 2, book 3)

★★★☆☆- 3.5

Small press

Utterly unique ideas, concepts, and plot points make for an interesting read. A few road bumps along the way in the form of writing or heavy handed symbolism, but near impossible to find something quite like it.


Mel Goes to Hell, Demelza Carlton

★★★★☆- ??? stars

Self published

Absolutely bonkers and wild. Are they good? Are they bad? What are they?



LINK angels series, Lyda Morehouse

(Book 2) (Book 3) (Book 4)

★★★★☆- 4.5

Out of print, mainstream pulp press

Extremely unique ideas on technology, religion, and angels while also delivering awesome characters, plot points, and a weird-rad world.