Angel Books

This is actually an index of angels AND demons. But I do shoot more of angels.

I am, of course, naturally, a fanatic for angels (one could call it a special interest), so I’m always trying to index all the books I can on the subject.

hush, hush Quartet, Becky Fitzpatrick

☆☆☆☆☆- 0 stars

Angels: Ambrahamic…. Jewish….? Have psychic powers, illusion and influence powers, fallen angels can possess bodies of people they make oaths with once a year for two weeks and nephilhim are immortal. A mess.

The worse love interest in sheer stalking and sexual creepiness mixed with exceedingly confusing and nonsensical lore- plus a supernatural reveal so late in the game the book is almost over. I hate this book. I hate this series. It’s just the worst.

Sweet Evil Trilogy, Wendy Higgins

(Book 2) (Book 3) (Companion)

☆☆☆☆☆- 0 stars

Angels: Christian, biblical, boring. Demons possess bodies and directly influence sin. Nephilim children are our heroes.

A hot, hot mess with especially bad social commentary and decisions make for a trashy YA para-ro story. Admittedly fairly entertaining as bad books go, but it really is BAD.


A Soul To Take, Emily Taylor

☆☆☆☆☆- 0 stars

Angels: Actually, demons. Basically also just vampires.

Poorly written and nearly twice as long as it needs to be with poor world-building and boring demons.


The Book of Angels, Various authors

★☆☆☆☆- 1.5 stars

Angels: Biblical generally, some fallen, mostly very generic

Short story collection heavy on one bad author. There’s one or two nice stories in here, but in general the angels (and book) aren’t very interesting.


Unearthly, Cynthia Hand

★★☆☆☆- 2 stars

Angels: Biblical, winged, has psychic powers and existing to do missions. Still, some unique takes here and there. Also, interesting fallen.

A very YA book with a couple redeemable factors. Not quite worth a read.


Fallen Quartet, Lauren Kate

(Book 2) (Book 3) (Book 4)

★★☆☆☆- 2 stars

Angels: Focus on fallen, demons are just fallen, christian style Heaven and God. No special powers besides not needing food/rest, fast healing, and wings. Also they can time travel later on.

The first book is horribly dull, but the series picks up a little later on. Very uneven, where every book feels like a different sub-genre, building to no real feeling of accumulation by the end.


Immortal City, Scott Speer

★★★☆☆- 3 stars

Angels: They’ve replaced the idea of celebrities in this timeline. Yes, wings. Yes, rescue people. Yes, purely capitalist. Wait, what?

An utterly ludicrous and insane and bonkers book and world. Marred by very cliche teen romance drama, but everything around that is……….. incredibly bizarre and beautiful.




They Who Fell trilogy, Scott Speer

(Book 2) (Book 3)

★★★☆☆- 3 stars

Angels: Biblical, a few horror based ones who don’t get the spotlight, we only meet fallen and some demons. Elite angels who abuse humanity as slaves. Sexist.

A cheesy and objectively not great series that is still a lot of fun. The angels and society built in this post apocalyptic world are enjoyable, as is the action and parts of the plot. Very flat characters and flatter romance, plus some backwards ideals, but still a good angel read.


Dusk in Kalevia, Emily Compton

★★★☆☆- 3.5 stars

Angels: Manifestations of humanity’s fears and hopes during times of crises who come to aid the people who have sought them.

An inventive spy thriller, but with angels! The angels were why I read this book, not going to lie. Some really unique ideas and takes on angelic mythology a lot of angel books don’t explore.




Mel goes to Hell series, Demelza Carlton


Angels: Look, they’re angels. They’re in Heaven. They have office jobs. As do demons. And hell is very literal and based on dante’s inferno, I guess, but also an office building in Australia. The angel and demon content is secondary.

These books can’t be rated or spoken about really, so just look at the covers.


I, Lucifer, Glen Duncan

★★★★☆- 4 stars

Angels: Biblical-style, fallen are demons. Look, it’s ABOUT lucifer. Features demons, angels, fallen angels, and humans. And Lucifer.

A slightly gross and cynical but still very engaging story. A strong voice, narrated by Satan as he lives life as a human for a few months. For sure not for everyone, but if it clicks with you, it’ll click hard.


Angel Burn, L. A. Weatherly

★★★★☆- 4.5 stars

Angels: Otherworldly dimensional who are secretly invading our world to feed off human energy, have wings and leave victims with a rapturous bliss.

Despite everything about how it looks, a strong and cool angel book. I love cults and angel cults and also angels.


LINK angels series, Lyda Morehouse

(Book 2) (Book 3) (Book 4)

★★★★☆- 4 stars

Angels: Biblical-style, but specifically drawing on jewish and muslim faith as well. Demons are fallen. They very much are created and follow God. They also CAN manifest in virtual reality (just like real life).

A favorite book series with in depth analysis and thought about religion, various universal unitarian takes god/angels/demons/everything, and angels/demons themselves. Plus souls, if AIs have souls, AIs, various apocalyptic mythos, and various belief systems. It’s practically educational!


The Bartimaeus trilogy, Jonathan Stroud

★★★★☆- 4.5 stars

Angels: Just demons, or spirits, but close enough to count. Sort of. Not really. Look, I’m in charge of the list, okay?

Just a really really really good book series, okay? And there’s demons in it! Shapeshifting demons who are bound by humans to work magic for them.