I am Crow. Also known as A. M. Blaushild. I write comedy adventure stuff with a lot of angels and lgbt+ casts. My books: Good Angel, Bad End duology, Angel Radio, and I Am The Final Boss. I have a degree in creative writing and publishing and experience in being published traditionally and independently.

I like crows a lot and work as a pigeon wizard.


Big fan of writing, mild fan of reading. Not at all as cankerous as I come off as in reviews.

Me being a writer influences my opinion, but it does not define it- by not enjoying a book, I am not saying I or any of my works are superior. You can criticize a floor plan without being able to build a building yourself.

I prefer genre fiction of any kind over contemporary, historical, or just about anything set in the real world. And I hold a major weakness for angels, in any shape, form, or reference.

I also am obsessed with bad books. I want to start a podcast about them someday.