I am Crow. Also known as A. M. Blaushild. Frustratingly unprofessional.


Big fan of writing, mild fan of reading. Not at all as cankerous as I come off as.

I’m a published writer and at the moment studying publishing and creative writing at University. I’m quite laid back and relatively lazy, so many of my posts are from backlogs rather than live. Me being a writer influences my opinion, but it does not define it- by not enjoying a book, I am not saying I or any of my works are thus superior. You can criticize a floor plan without being able to build a building yourself.

While most of my reviews make me sound like a dick, I would like to politely reiterate that I am, in fact, not one. But my opinions are rarely exaggerations either. I am simply bizarrely bitter when it comes to books (and only books! I enjoy so many low rate TV shows and films.)

I prefer genre fiction of any kind over contemporary, historical, or just about anything set in the real world. And I hold a major weakness for angels, in any shape, form, or reference.