This isn’t really a fair review: I love Apocalypse Array and the LINK angels series so much

This isn’t really a fair review: I love Apocalypse Array and the LINK angels series so much


(5 stars)

(Book four, the last one. Book one, two, three).


I just love these characters. Enough I can easily look through various narrative/writing flaws. I love em. I want more of them.

(Note: this really isn’t a serious review. I’d say the short of it, if you’re dropping in, is that this is a weirdly paced at time, not great ending to a fantastic series, but still is strong in the characters and arcs. Everyone has super grown on me. I enjoyed reading marriage drama between satan and his wife, the antichrist, so much.)


(Mouse, my husband, and his genderfluid agender muslim AI son Page)

This book felt very fast, with a not super satisfying conclusion. It came out over 10 years ago, so I guess there isn’t much hope for a sequel, but I want one. I have dubbed it #ANGELQUEST.

this book was actually easily to follow than any other, only one big confusing scene for me. plus, no boring viewpoint! Those were a staple of the last three books, even if I still loves them, and that made me love this one even more.

again, ending isn’t amazing tie up, there are problems, but I was so happy and smiling while reading- I really love these characters and their weird family.

I felt like Amariah was underused, and wished the book was longer for a lot of reasons. But really, she needed to be explored more. Her plot feels very minimal (everyone’s kinda does, time flows weird). She had a very interesting backstory and sense of identity that I think would be really cool to see more of! But she kinda does nothing. Except get a cool boyfriend.

(again, please Lyda, write angelquest: the angeling, where Amariah helps counsel fallen angels, meets Page (who is whole again), and has to deal with her weird uncle, literally satan (who is torn up over a certain death, and unsure if he wants to be redeemed to heaven))


one big questionable thing… Ariel….. is Ariel trans or a crossdresser? It says Ariel IDs as trans, but later refers to (themself?) as a man? And is dating a gay man who calls them male pronouns. but Amariah once uses female pronouns. Most people just say crossdresser and Ariel doesn’t seem to have a problem with this? So I guess I’m going with that, but I wish it had been clearer.

Similar, I felt like Luis obvs had a real personality for a minor character, but esp in his first scene, was a little too stereotypically gay for me. I was like, the author is gay/bi, some people ARE like this, he has other traits…. but it still did bother me

Oh well! I loved this book. I love my husband, mouse, my son, page, and the rest of my sweet beautiful family. justice for Adram 2016, he deserved better and more.



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